Musta Costa Fortune was founded in 2002 by Clive Smith, Co-Founder and former Senior-Executive Vice-president of Nelvana Ltd. Mr. Smith is well known and respected within the industry as one of the founders and chief animator of one of Canada’s first film production studios, having worked on countless projects within Canada and internationally, and with such major talents as Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Tim Burton.  The aesthetic and ambitions of Musta Costa Fortune are informed by Smith’s distinctive style and humour, along with a desire to push the technological envelope and work with international partners to put Canadian film and talent on a world stage. 

Since its inception, MCF has supported and participated in a number of film and television projects, including development of an original musical screenplay by Pete Townshend entitled The Boy Who Heard Music, multiple music video productions for Play Recordsand the development of Spookey Ruben’s Puzzleface

Recently Musta is focused on the development of the original feature film written by Clive Smith, The Rather Unusual Adventures of Ice Cream Girl and Mr. Licorice.